Elixir for Programmers

Functional, Parallel, Reliable (and fun!)

You're a programmer, so you don't need spoon feeding with the conventional drivel about "this is an integer." No. You need to know what's different, and you want to know quickly.

Dave does it again. The man who discovered Ruby and launched it in the United States is now applying a new approach to teaching Elixir. The approach gives you enough structure to get started, but what makes it special is the time dedicated to working through real-world problems carefully designed to build specific tactical and organizational skills. This course is a masterpiece. 
— Bruce Tate, entrepreneur, author of > 10 books

Can attest to this course! Everything I've done so far is well thought out, and extremely practical.
— Jack Schuss

…crucial in my re-learning of Elixir. A great, opinionated way to put theory into practice.
— Jaime Iniesta
, Spain

I love how much more comfortable i feel with Elixir after taking your course. I will use it to build up my new prototype.
— @allenwyma

But you want more. True mastery of Elixir comes from understanding the underlying idioms: functional programming, transformations, concurrency, and application structure. You need to know the tools, such as IEx and mix. And you need to understand the frameworks, such as OTP and Phoenix. This course will get you started down this road (and your experience will take you the rest of the way),

The course has videos to show you stuff, text to give you facts, quizzes to help you remember, and exercises to let you practice.

More and more developers are switching to Elixir. Take this course and join them.

Team discounts available. 

The course contains 80 units, and 8 hours of video.

We host our videos on Vimeo, and they don't directly support higher-speed playback. If you use Chrome, this plugin seems to work.

What others have been saying about this course:

Lars Jensen

Highly recommended!

I really like that this course puts so much emphasis on decoupling, and explores alternative ways to structure Elixir components in a way that is easy to follow. Instead of just being one of many resources that simply show the conventional approac...

Allen Wyma

Fantastic Course

I've been learning elixir for a while now, and I gained so much knowledge about applications and when to divide up my code. I feel so much more confident after completing this course.

Vasileios Ntarlagiannis

The way to "Think in Elixir"

So far, the course is amazing! It really helps the student to develop an Elixir way of thinking.

Franco Catena


Awesome material, well split and sometimes _unconventional_. Great starting point in my opinion.

Course Curriculum

Using an Agent for the Dictionary
Make the Dictionary a Free Standing Application
No, Mr Dictionary, I Expect You To Die
The Story So Far…
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas

About the instructor

Dave Thomas has been programming for 45 years, still writing code every day. Along with Andy Hunt, he wrote the two editions of the bestselling book The Pragmatic Programmer. He’s one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. He introduced the Ruby programming language to the West, writing the first book on Ruby, then the first book on Rails. He then helped folks discover the Elixir language.

He has worked for companies in the UK, Europe, United States, Australia, and Asia. He speaks at conferences around the world, is the author of eight books, and is an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.